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Whether Building a Better Widget, Guiding It Through Distribution or Handling the Complex Installation, Help Your Clients Protect the Process

Whatever the situation, UIG is here to help. As an insurance broker, we work hard to provide you with profitable products and superior service for your clients. UIG has an excellent casualty team and several company partners that excel in the casualty arena.

Regardless of how good a product or service may be, mishaps are an ever-present reality. When the unplanned strikes, your clients can be accused of negligence, regardless of actual fault, which sets the stage for a costly lawsuit, loss of business, time, money and reputation.

Our Casualty coverage provides solutions for products ranging from moderate to high risk and building and installation projects.

Key Coverage Areas:

  • Capacity up to $5,000,000
  • Stand-Alone Product Liability
  • Discontinued Product Liability; entire product line or designated projects
  • Project-Specific Coverage
  • Occurrence or Claims-Made Coverage Form
  • IBNR (nose) Cover; Retroactive Coverage for gaps in prior insurance
  • ISO Coverage forms
  • Manuscripted forms and endorsements uniquely tailored for individual risks
  • Deductible and retention options:
    • First dollar defense, low deductibles, self-insured retentions

Target Classes — Manufacturers, Distributors of Moderate and High-Hazard Products:

  • Automobiles and auto parts
  • Chemicals
  • Dietary supplements
  • Electronic cigarettes
  • Industrial machinery
  • Medical instruments and equipment; Media products (invasive, non-invasice)
  • Modular buildings
  • Paint, coatings and sealants
  • Playground equipment
  • Toys
  • Trailers (cargo, flatbed, travel and utility)
  • Trucks and truck bodies
  • Residential Repair and Remodeling
  • Commercial, Industrial and Institutional

To find out more about what UIG can do for you drop us a line at Also feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn and join our Young Agent’s Group.

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