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Forest, Wood and Lumber Program

UIG has recently launched a Forest, Wood and Lumber program, supporting the lumber and building materials industry across the U.S. While a niche market, there is great potential to help you excel in servicing these clients in the way that UIG works best – quality products, competitive pricing.


Let’s “cut” to the chase. How can UIG help?

Our new Forest, Wood & Lumber program is available for agents and brokers across North America. UIG companies can insure:  sawmills, veneer mills, pallet mills, plywood plants, wood preserving operations, all types of woodworking plants, as well as the manufacturers of timbers, cants, railroad ties, building materials, and other panel products.

UIG provides competitive coverages on a mono-line or package basis including: Property from $1 M to $250 M TIV risks and higher, Inland Marine, General Liability, Commercial Auto, Workers Compensation and Employers Liability, Commercial Umbrella, Employment Practices Liability, Equipment Breakdown Coverage and Crime Coverage for:

In addition, as many of you may be new to this market, we also wanted to provide some industry insights:

How big is the opportunity

Lumber yards play a critical role in the building industry. They supply contractors, homebuilders and individuals with the raw materials needed to construct a number of different types of structures. This business can be quite lucrative when administered properly, and an important part of managing this business is protecting it with a sound commercial insurance package.

  • There are approximately 10,161 lumber wholesalers operating in the United States.
  • These businesses employ nearly 114,000 people.
  • The lumber wholesale industry is responsible for about $84 billion in revenue each year.
  • In 2016, the top four companies generated less than 10 percent of industry revenue, signaling that the industry is composed of mostly small- and medium-sized operators.

Common Insurance Needs

Property and Equipment Coverage
• Building
• Contents
• Equipment breakdown
• Flood

• Premise liability
• Product liability
• Commercial auto liability
• Hired or non-hired auto liability
• Umbrella

• Business income
• Worker’s comp

* A completed submission is required 20 working days prior to the requested quote date.  We must have a complete and thorough submission to start underwriting. Once we have received all information, we will make every effort to meet your requested quotation date.


Get Ready For National Insurance Awareness Day

June 28, 2017 is National Insurance Awareness Day. A day set aside every year to encourage folks to review their insurance policies. The crazy thing about it is, nobody is quite sure why. Aside from various blog entries referencing this notable industry date, there doesn’t seem to be any one person or group that we can thank for the creation of this landmark celebration.

A Google search will confirm June 28th as National Insurance Day, but the closest documentation of its origin, that we could find, comes from, which shares, “…you can be certain that insurance companies had a little something to do with the origination of this day.” Hmmm. They might be a little confused with Valentine’s Day and greeting card, candy companies…

Regardless of its origin, if you’re willing to take credit for the birth of National Insurance Day, or just an agency that’s celebrated it in the past, we’d love to know what activities make this day special?

If you’re never celebrated National Insurance Day, now is the time to jump on board. Here are a couple of ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

  • Host an Insurance Awareness Day line dance or flash mob
  • Sponsor a safe driving course
  • Coordinate an insurance awareness scavenger hunt
  • Set up a wrecked car with some kind of commercial business reference, e.g., pizza delivery, outside the agency with a sign, “Are you insured?”
  • Get a pizza place to tape your business card or a flyer on every pizza boxy they deliver and offer to promote them to your clients or list them as a partner on your website
  • Shoot a humorous video highlighting overlooked insurance tips clients should know
  • Host an agency contest — whoever adds the most policies in a week, gets a paid day off
  • Support a local non-profit that you are passionate about and encourage locals to match
  • Dress like an insurance agent day — play up the stereotype, the less stylish the better
  • Deliver baked goods or branded swag to VIP commercial insurance partners around town
  • Blog about some of the oddest insurance claims your agency has ever received
  • Do a publicity stunt with a partner or town (fire drill) to draw awareness to insurance
  • Send out an email blast, notifying people of the date with a seasonal call to action
  • Host a “junk the junker” car demolition fundraiser while promoting auto insurance

With a little creativity and a keen grasp of your community, the ideas are really endless.