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Winter Readiness is Smart for Business

Winter weather is drawing near, signaling a new holiday season of excitement, merriment and . . . accidents. If you have clients whose business requires them or their customers to navigate snow or ice in any capacity, now is the time to make sure they have the coverage they need to keep everyone on their (twinkle) toes.

Tree Limb Removal

Winter storms are hard on trees. Frozen, snow-covered limbs crash on rooftops, power lines and cars — keeping employees at tree care companies bustling like elves. But there’s a certain amount of liability inherent in the work. The right insurance can make the difference in protecting a tree service owner from a bevy of liability issues as well as their bottom line.

It’s especially important for agents to take the time to educate tree service clients and prospects about the value of their insurance coverage, as well as the many options they should consider. Odds are that many clients haven’t sorted through the rules, regs and amounts of coverage they need. You can help them out, before the snow flies.

Snow Removal

If you have snow removal contractors as clients, look no further than UIG for A+ Rated coverage, including: contractors clearing ice and snow from parking lots, driveways and sidewalks, using motorized plows attached to pickup trucks. (Coverage is not available for work on streets, roads, highways or interstates.)

Coverage Highlights:

  • A+ Rated Carrier
  • Limits up to $1 million and as low as $100,000
  • Minimum Premium $1,250
  • General Liability Coverage Only

Ineligible Operations:

  • No city or state contracted work
  • No work on streets, roads, highways or interstates
  • Coverage not available in CA, CO or NY

Christmas Tree Lots

Don’t underestimate the excitement that surrounds picking out “the perfect” Christmas tree each year. Crowds of families vying for that special spruce (and youngsters running in all directions) presents any number of possibilities for an accident — especially if the surface of your lot is uneven or snow-covered.

UIG can protect clients operating Christmas tree lots this season with liability coverage that is sure to keep them in the Christmas spirit. Are your clients non-profit groups such as Boy Scout groups, Kiwanis, Lions Clubs, etc.? Consider this from UIG:

  • $100,000/$200,000 GL limit
  • $350 total cost, up to 2 months coverage
  • $35 for any additional Insured

To find out more about these and other Winter Readiness coverages with UIG, drop us a line at or call 800.385.9978.

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Winter Tree Trimming

Don’t let Jack Frost create a financial disaster for your clients who brave snow and ice to rescue property from downed tree limbs and branches.

ChainsawRegardless of the nature of the job, or if a tree service business has employees or not, there is a certain amount of liability inherent in the work. The right insurance can make the difference in protecting a tree service owner from a bevy of liability issues as well as their bottom line.

This is why it’s especially important that agents take the time to educate tree service clients and prospects about the value of their insurance coverage and all of the different options they should be considering.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is one of the most important and all-encompassing insurance options for any business owner. It is critical where activities could result in a lawsuit for potential damages: such as property damage and injury, which someone may suffer as a result of the service provider’s actions. If your client provides tree trimming or tree removal services, there is a high possibility they could cause damage to a building, car or other property, and/or bodily injury to an unsuspecting person in the area, due to a falling branch, tree trunk or equipment. In addition, many states will not allow a tree trimming service to operate without the proper liability insurance.

Equipment Insurance

Chances are most tree trimming services will have a special vehicle along with tree trimming equipment and tools. Any business that owns or operates a vehicle for commercial purposes should invest in commercial auto insurance. This type of insurance can protect clients from a lawsuit or medical liability if their company vehicle is involved in an accident. Along with commercial automotive insurance, the right equipment insurance can help ensure that the business will be able to continue operations even if it needs to repair or replace equipment.

Worker’s Compensation

If a worker becomes injured on the job, worker’s compensation insurance provides funds to pay for the worker’s medical expenses and salary while he/she is unable to work. If a tree trimming service has at least one employee, they should check the laws in their state to verify whether or not they are required to maintain worker’s compensation insurance.

Personal Accident Policy

If working as a sole proprietor or independent contractor, personal accident coverage may be a better solution than worker’s compensation. In a personal accident policy the insured is protected for injuries and loss of revenue.

Employment Practices Liability

UIG also recommends a tree trimming business invest in employment practices liability insurance (EPLI). This coverage can help protect a business and the business owner from litigation resulting from improper workplace behavior, including, but not limited to, sexual harassment, discrimination or wrongful termination.

While all of this may seem like “business as usual,” odds are that many tree service owners have not sorted through all of their options, if any of them. It is better to reiterate and remind than to assume that your clients and prospects are aware of all the rules, regs and amounts of coverage they need.

And, of course, once you’ve presented the options, be sure to have them sign off that they have declined any of these coverage lines, if they choose to do so, and keep it on file.

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Add Value (and more good things) to Your Liquor Liability Offerings

UIG is a recognized leader in Liquor Liability. And now we’re adding value to your offering with an innovative alcohol server training program — to improve your clients’ loss control handling and possibly even reduce their premiums.

Good Shift is a powerful online alcohol training program for taverns, bars and restaurants. It brings training right to employees’ fingertips, so your clients can always be assured that 100% of their workers are trained at all times. That level of compliance maximizes safety and loss control, and demonstrates a commitment to safe service.

Here’s how Good Shift helps:

  • Reduces customer loss in the event of a liability claim
  • Promotes responsible alcohol service
  • Prevents or limits customer injury or property damage
  • Positions establishments as responsible businesses in the community

Here’s how Good Shift works:

  • Lessons are available any time on any smartphone, tablet or laptop — when it’s convenient for employees
  • New employees can be enrolled at any time
  • Automatically manages training by emailing employees when a new lesson is ready and contacts the manager when training is complete
  • Ongoing education reminds workforce to serve safely with pop quizzes, true stories and Good Shift tips
  • Provides continuously updated list of certified participants to help with defense and mitigation.

As the Agent Agency, we’re bringing additional value to your clients. Together we can reduce the chance of loss and help keep premiums from rising due to claim activity. Learn more about Good Shift and join us in leading the way in loss control.

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