Agents Touch Lives: Touching Story of How A Woman Was Able to Rebuild Her Life After Losing Everything

It’s easy to forget sometimes how important your job really is to the people you serve. As an independent agent, sometimes you’re able to go above and beyond for your clients in a way that the big boys can’t. What you do is important!

Here’s a touching story of a woman in Joplin, Missouri who was able to rebuild her life with the help of her independent insurance agent. Tracy Cope was known in her community as the woman with the purple porch. She lived in her house all her life and when the devastating tornado ripped through Joplin she was left with nothing. Listen to Tracy talk about her Trusted Choice independent insurance agent and how quickly she was able to begin to put her life back together — purple porch and all.

Tracy Cope from Joplin, MO talks about her Trusted Choice independent insurance agent. from Trusted Choice® on Vimeo.

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