Whether you’re helping clients protect their business, their property, or their business property, we’re helping you get it done with comprehensive coverage options and efficient underwriting. (Because that’s our business.)

Personal Lines


UIG specializes in hard-to-place coverage — basically everything you need to offer whatever you need at the most competitive price.

Manufactured Homes & Dwellings

Whether it serves as a seasonal home or a permanent residence for your client, a mobile or manufactured home comes with certain, well, uncertainties.

Personal Umbrella

This additional asset protection is perfect for hard-to-place assets and can fill the gaps in other plans.



UIG has a comprehensive garage program that can give your customers great coverage at a reasonable cost.

Hotel & Motel

UIG program covers various construction types including frame. Pools, spas, and restaurants and bars are acceptable. A&B is also available.

Performance Guarantee or Gap Insurance

These policies help improve the collateral of companies by closing their gaps to help get them fully funded.


We can all agree that zombies are bad. Frankly, eating the brains of the living crosses the line of good taste and decorum that we at UIG try to foster and encourage in all of our dealings.

Professional Lines


Our professional liability insurance covers the gaps in general liability coverage.


We have excellent underwriting that lets us offer primary and excess coverage on everything from small buildings to multi-million dollar high-rises, offering property coverage on all forms with enhancement available.

Additional Coverage/Products

Contractors Pollution Liability

Since Commercial General Liability policies exclude any claims arising out of pollution incidents, contractors are very vulnerable in today’s regulatory climate.

General Liability

General liability insurance can protect their businesses from claims for bodily injury, medical costs and damage to a neighbor’s property.

Liquor Liability

UIG is a hospitality expert. We provide liquor liability insurance — or dram shop insurance for those of you of the British persuasion — that protects against claims arising from the sale and service of liquor.