Get to Know UIG

If you’ve visited our website or met with a team member at a conference, you’ve no doubt heard or seen the phrase, “UIG, the Agent Agency.” But have you every wondered what it really means?

UIG, the Agent Agency, is more than just a tag line. It’s our value statement that regardless if your agency is big or small, UIG is committed to being your finest resource and most valuable partner.

And, there are several ways we go about delivering on our commitment. Two in particular:

No Volume Commitment

As stated earlier, we want to be your most valuable partner. That means we’re here when you need us. That’s why UIG does not require a volume commitment in order for an agency to work with us. It doesn’t matter if you write a single policy with a $500 premium once a year or if you write tens of thousands of dollars in premiums — every agent is given the same priority and consideration.

Direct Access to our Underwriting Team

With UIG, there is no wondering who will be assigned to your submission or having to work though a marketing representative to get things done. When you call or send an email, you are communicating directly with a member of your UIG Underwriting team. And, because you’re directly connected with an underwriting team member from the beginning, we’re able to get you an answer with fewer delays.

From the simplest to the most complex, will help you navigate comprehensive and personal insurance solutions in the specialty insurance market. And, we’ll continue to share more on how we do that throughout this “Get to Know UIG” blog series.

If you’re currently struggling with a hard-to-place client, don’t wait. Call today: 800-385-9978.

About the time you’re thinking no one can help you, is the right time to call on UIG.