Add Value (and more good things) to Your Liquor Liability Offerings

UIG is a recognized leader in Liquor Liability. And now we’re adding value to your offering with an innovative alcohol server training program — to improve your clients’ loss control handling and possibly even reduce their premiums.

Good Shift is a powerful online alcohol training program for taverns, bars and restaurants. It brings training right to employees’ fingertips, so your clients can always be assured that 100% of their workers are trained at all times. That level of compliance maximizes safety and loss control, and demonstrates a commitment to safe service.

Here’s how Good Shift helps:

  • Reduces customer loss in the event of a liability claim
  • Promotes responsible alcohol service
  • Prevents or limits customer injury or property damage
  • Positions establishments as responsible businesses in the community

Here’s how Good Shift works:

  • Lessons are available any time on any smartphone, tablet or laptop — when it’s convenient for employees
  • New employees can be enrolled at any time
  • Automatically manages training by emailing employees when a new lesson is ready and contacts the manager when training is complete
  • Ongoing education reminds workforce to serve safely with pop quizzes, true stories and Good Shift tips
  • Provides continuously updated list of certified participants to help with defense and mitigation.

As the Agent Agency, we’re bringing additional value to your clients. Together we can reduce the chance of loss and help keep premiums from rising due to claim activity. Learn more about Good Shift and join us in leading the way in loss control.