If It’s Fun, It’s Hard To Insure. Let UIG Help.

Every bowling center is unique. Some may be part of a larger family entertainment center, while some may be stand-alone. One may serve alcoholic beverages to customers, while another has a Pro Shop. Whatever the unique needs for your clients’ bowling center, UIG is here to make sure you’re able to offer the correct coverage at the best possible price.


With more than 30 years of combined experience, Our A-rated partners understand and cater to sports and recreation facilities like non-other.

Key Coverage Areas:

General Liability

  • Comprehensive General Liability – primary limits up to $1M per occurrence / $3M aggregate.
  • Liquor Liability available as part of package or mono-line.
  • Special Events Liability.
  • Personal Injury Liability.
  • Coverage extended to game rooms.
  • Coverage provided for snack bars, restaurants and lounges.


  • Small and large property limits.
  • Special form policy.
  • Comprehensive extension endorsement.
  • Business income with extra expense.
  • Replacement cost.
  • Money and Securities.
  • Employee Theft Coverage.
  • Debris Removal.
  • Ordinance or Law Coverage.

Let UIG do the work of identifying the best specialty insurance program for your clients. To get started, complete our Bowling Centers application and send with three years valued loss runs to info@uigusa.com.

To find out more about what UIG can do for you drop us a line at info@uigusa.com. Also feel free to connect with us on LinkedIn and join our Young Agent’s Group.