Time Travel

Time travel is a powerful but truly frightening undertaking. Travel into the distant past, step on a caterpillar, and Boom! The world is ruled by evil, sentient dolphins. Or pop back just a few decades, bump into your father, and you may prevent him from ever meeting your mother! These things can happen!

That’s why you need the protection only UIG can offer: Time Travel insurance. With no deductible and one low-cost payment, you or an assigned is covered for up to $10,000,000 in the event you disrupt the natural order of the world. (Although we cannot of course guarantee that UIG, this policy, your family or even the concept of money will exist after you fire up your time machine.)

Coverage includes:

  • Nonexistence caused by death or dismemberment of an ancestor
  • Nonexistence caused by death of insured before before purchase of policy
  • Nonexistence caused by two bodies occupying the same space and time – new for 2016!
  • Nonexistence caused by the violent displeasure of our dolphin overlords- new for 2016!
  • Nonexistence, cause unknown- new for 2016!

Isn’t it time you had protection from time? Buy coverage here.