UIG Covers

  • Machete holes
  • Brain and blood clean-up
  • Carpet damage from dirt
  • Destruction of windows and doors
  • Torch damage
  • And much more!

We can all agree that zombies are bad. Frankly, eating the brains of the living crosses the line of good taste and decorum that we at UIG try to foster and encourage in all of our dealings. Many is the time when we’ve gently reprimanded an undead family member or encouraged a moss-covered former agent to cap the ketchup and put the machete away.

However, until now we never had a good option to cover the property damage these rampaging monsters inflict during their search for brains and condiments. Zombie Insurance, which we offer through myzombieinsurance.com, covers all zombie-related property destruction (with no deductible!) for one low payment.

Luigi Knows

The safest place to be in the event of a zombie outbreak is Australia.