UIG Coverage

  • Flat deductibles available in most areas
  • Coastal properties eligible
  • Older homes eligible
  • New home credits
  • All Protection Classes
  • Vacant homes acceptable
  • Acreage of any size acceptable
  • Multi -Family, up to 4 families acceptable
  • Standalone CPL with Hudson available for tougher liability exposure and Farm Owners

Contact us for a complete list with available limits.


Homeowner coverage is unique to every client, and UIG can help you place coverage for all of them: homeowner, dwelling, tenant, condo or farm.

Tough to place? We got you. Lower valued dwelling? No sweat. High valued, vacant, impaired credit, w/swimming pools, animal exposure or manufactured housing? Bring it.

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Did you know?

The Great Fire of London in 1666, when more than 13,000 homes were destroyed, sparked (pun intended) the concept of modern homeowners insurance.