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Everest Environmental Insurance Joins Network of UIG Insurance Providers

UIG is pleased to introduce Everest Environmental Insurance — the newest addition to our network of insurance providers. Based out of Liberty Corner, New Jersey, Everest Environmental Insurance has more than 20 years of experience in providing multi-line property and casualty coverages and specialty lines of coverage as well as an array of professional and comprehensive Claim and Loss Control services.

They are rated A.M. Best A+ XV (Superior). Now, that’s saying somethin’! But don’t take our word for it. Everest’s recent successes speak for themselves.

Servicing all 50 states, your clients can take advantage of Everest’s broad range of environmental insurance products that cover exposures for contractors, consultants and distributors of products — just to name a few — regardless of where they’re located.

They can also expect quality pollution coverage and flexibility with limits and deductibles.

Continually researching and expanding our depth of service providers is just one more way that UIG strives to be your ultimate business partner. We take pride in offering the most comprehensive coverage for your clients at the most competitive premiums available in the marketplace.

To learn more about Everest and other UIG insurance providers, please call 515-285-8000 (ext. 5026) or drop us a line at

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