Young Agent Assets: Your Opening Line

What you say during the first interaction with your prospects will have more influence on your success than anything else. It sets the stage for all future interactions.

For this reason, it is imperative that you start off on the right foot.

Your goal should be to pique their curiosity and build enough momentum to spur continued conversation.

For example, if you’re cold-calling a prospect, do you immediately introduce yourself and your company? According to an article in Entrepreneur, that’s a big don’t because you’re preemptively telling your prospect to hang up immediately.

Instead, be pleasant and thank the prospect on the other end of the line for their time, like so:

“It’s an honor to finally speak with you!”
“Thanks for picking up the phone!”
“Thanks for taking my call.”
“Your time is important. Let me cut to the chase.”

You could use real-life comparisons:

“How much money can you save weekly? Can you save the cost of that daily cup of coffee, which could come to about $10 per week, or roughly $40 per month?”

Or, you could just be honest:

“[Prospect’s name], we haven’t met, and to be honest I don’t know if what I have to say will be of benefit to you. But if you have 3–5 minutes right now, can I suggest that we discuss why you might be interested in speaking with me?”

Regardless of your approach, work to exude confidence, using intuition, wit and a solid sense of timing to your advantage, Remember that you only have about eight seconds of someone’s attention span to work with, according to a recent article in Time. In those eight seconds, the language you use matters.